Finding Grace

Recently I have been working on memorizing some passages for one of my classes in seminary. Hebrews 4:15-16 has been one I have focused on in the last few days. Grace is something I gaining a new perspective on; I was saved as a young child and never experienced a radical shift from BC days to AC days. There is only so much a three year old can grasp - I just knew I wanted to go to Heaven and you had to have Jesus in your heart to get there - So i asked Him in!

So, God has been teaching me about grace. It has been a wonderful lesson. As I meditated on this verse in Hebrews, I thought about the words, "to receive mercy and find grace...." To find grace, like a hidden treasure we needed for Life, and found with delight! I like that; to find grace! It tastes really good. As I walked this morning in the crisp fall air - it seemed this was exemplified as I drank in the beauty of the brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves. Simply breathtaking; that's what Grace is like - breathtaking!


Rebekah said…
Oh, Tammie, you are so right. His grace is breathtaking!
Tammie said…
Congratulations SUE for pointing out i had the wrong reference....thanks sue! I fixed it now!

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