Fabulous Surprise Florida Trip

I can't let too many days go by without sharing a great treat God blessed me with...a trip to Florida!Photobucket

After being here in SC for almost six months, I was feeling like a tumble weed. God heard a very sad cry a few weeks ago for something special to perk me up. I had no idea a trip to Florida would be His answer and gift!

A dear friend was in need of someone to drive her to Florida; I offered my services. It was a blessing to her - but I was the one who received the best blessing! Fall in Florida may not have all the brilliant colors of the north, but it is about the best time of year to visit! The temperature is perfect, and well, it is just great - especially when you get to visit some of the most wonderful people in the world - or at least of the ones i have met so far and stick you toes in the sand and surf of the Atlantic and not lose them to frostbite!

After dropping my friend off at her destination, the open road was mine. I did a loop-de-loop through Central Florida as I hit my targeted destinations - and i was totally loved and spoiled at each place! So, many thanks to my dear loved ones in Florida that I was blessed to see - my brother and his bride, my beautiful nieces & nephews (I am so glad i got to hang out with you guys! You are just too cool!), the Freemans, Stephanie, the Stanley's, and dear ones from Friendship Bible - you are all beautiful women and i love your kids, Becky and sweet Claer-Marie - so nice to meet you, the Kenyons and a fly-by of Vern...Thanks to you all for blessing me! I miss all of you. It was such a special, God-ordained treat for me to see each of you. My heart was touched in many ways, ways that I can't even explain!

IF any of you took a random picture...it would be wonderful to post it w/ this entry!! So send it on to me. Oh, and to top off my fabulous Florida trip, on our way north on 95, I was delighted to realize Crescent beach was so close to the highway. We stopped off and ate lunch at Southbeach Grill, my favorite beach restaurant EVER! Now, isn't that great! Hee-hee...I was thinking...Psalm 139 says, He plans out our days even before we were born. To think, the Creator of the Universe had them engineer HWY 95 in such a way for me to enjoy a quick beach moment, how thoughtful of Him - He gives us all things to enjoy (I Tim 6:17b)....hee-hee! We stuck our toes in the surf and stuffed out tummies with the best beach style burgers ever - and then were on our way!


Rebekah said…
What a blessing! So you glad you had such a wonderful trip.
We were all so very happy to see you!! I am glad that you had such a refreshing time in Florida! Now..back to work!! :)

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