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~ 2012 ~

Praise Him for His mighty deeds;  Praise Him according to His excellent greatness. 
Psalm 150:2
What a Year!  2012 has been one of the fullest years I have ever experienced.  It's been a year of going deep with God, Him peeling back layer upon layer, and with each layer, bringing insight, healing, growth, renewal, joy and hope.  

From the very beginning to this day, PEACE has been felt on the soles of my feet.  " ...ShodYOUR FEETWITHTHE PREPARATION OF THE GOSPEL OFPEACE..."

This has been HIS work, His preparation: He help me grasp and practice what it means to put on peace, to follow peace... to Let Peace rule.  It's a wonderful, wonderful place to live! 

Early in the year, Matthew 6:33 was spoken to me through my sister in love, Melanie.  "Seek first the Kingdom..." It's a piece of Scripture I have known since my youth, a familiar song sung around many a campfires.  This year, it became my number one prayer to the LORD: "Lord, what does it mean to seek…



I am itching to blog.  Trouble is, I have not had one of those wonderful "bubbles" float through my schedule this week.  So, here I sit, in an empty classroom, awaiting the arrival of students to pour through my door.  I have enjoyed an empty classroom for the first part of this day. 

This morning my brain was in a fog; my arms and legs felt like they had bowling balls tied to them as I woke up.  Symptoms it's been a full week, and I have a full weekend ahead, which is a blessing yet no bubbles.

Last night I had a ton'o fun attending a painting class!  My masterpiece was a copy of Monet's Field of Poppies.  Seriously an experience I want to repeat.  Yet my creative painting friend nearly had to hold me up when I realized it was 9:10PM, and I was still painting... no wonder my paintbrush was so heavy!

The night before, I had a friend over, the night before my wonderful community group, the night before another friend and tea.  All so sweet, all such lovel…