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Holding My World - My God is the God who will Never Forget

This past week I have been blessed by this song by Kristian Stanfill,  called "Holding My World,"  I loved it so much I bought the album on itunes.  Here are the wonderful lyrics.

And this is Your world, You made it
And all of creation is breathing because You sustain it
Jesus, by Your powerful word, You spoke out the earth and the heavens

So I will not worry or fret
My God is the God who will never forget
All of His goodness and all of His promises
He's holding my world in His hands

And these are your days, You give them
All for your fame and all for Your glorious kingdom
Jesus, You have ordained all things to dwell in Your purpose
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So I will not worry or fret
My God is the God who will never forget
All of His goodness and all of His promises
He's holding my world in His hands

And I am Your child, Beloved
And all of my days my future is laid in Your promise
Jesus, to the end of the age, I am not al…

Friday, First Day of Summer, List

Okay, I am a copy cat.  Ree Drumond does this all the time.  But it's fun, and I think she is cool, so I am copying her stuff. :-) Thanks Ree! (man, using her first name makes it seem like we are best buds from kindergarten...)

1.  Finish my Yellow Room: -  I will name it the Little Miss Sunshine Room!  I will have to follow this up with a "finished" picture.  I intend to put up nice curtains and make it just lovely.

2.  Eat something Asian tonight: it did it last Friday, so i think i will make it a summer time tradition.  Asian must be eaten each and every Friday of the summer.... i can live with that!  I drool just looking at this picture of the Pad Tai dish I had just a week ago...

3.  Finish mowing my yard: it's half way done, it's hot outside, I am taking a break.  I love my yard.  I love to sit in a shady spot and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea/ice water/wine.  Come and join me sometime... 

4.  Go to Home Depot or Lowes again; painting the back room, my "Je…

Slam Dunk!

The swoosh of a slam dunk always amazes me:  you are focused on your team, the sweat flying off the arms and legs of the players running, squeaking down the court, following the ball ever so tightly, intensity builds as you hold your breath, then as smooth as molasses, the ball swooches into the net!!  Everyone is surprised, screams, yells!  The players relax their shoulders a bit, gracefully turn around and jog back to the other end. The last player bouncing the ball effortlessly down the court for the next play to move into action.

That swoosh always surprises, smooths... and continues the game.  It was hard work getting it there.

That's how I feel right now.

I just got a JOB!(Swoosh!) I am swirling with excitement, disbelief, amazement, gratitude.... I can hardly breath!  At the same time I feel a surge of what a deer in head lights must feel like... What! I have a REAL Job, with real responsibilities... what if... if ...*gulp* I fail!  What if I forget the last five years of…

Wholehearted? Enough?

WATCH THIS Take Notes. Think about it. Re-watch it. Know: You Are Worthy