Slam Dunk!

The swoosh of a slam dunk always amazes me:  you are focused on your team, the sweat flying off the arms and legs of the players running, squeaking down the court, following the ball ever so tightly, intensity builds as you hold your breath, then as smooth as molasses, the ball swooches into the net!!  Everyone is surprised, screams, yells!  The players relax their shoulders a bit, gracefully turn around and jog back to the other end. The last player bouncing the ball effortlessly down the court for the next play to move into action.

That swoosh always surprises, smooths... and continues the game.  It was hard work getting it there.

That's how I feel right now.

I just got a JOB!(Swoosh!) I am swirling with excitement, disbelief, amazement, gratitude.... I can hardly breath!  At the same time I feel a surge of what a deer in head lights must feel like... What! I have a REAL Job, with real responsibilities... what if... if ...*gulp* I fail!  What if I forget the last five years of living penny to penny, praying for every single thing... learning to rest in God providing when I had no idea how it would come together or be provided for... yet I, with the power of the Spirit in me, came to a place of rest!  How awesome is that! God is so good!

Now.... I will have a steady income, good benefits... (Man, I get to go to the doctor!).. build up my savings, pay off loans: woah.  Go out to eat without feeling like I should not be so frivolous.  Wow.

All in a moment, I can feel my shoulders relax, I turn to begin heading down to the other end of the court to do a new play.  Still in the game, just a new perspective.

So, celebrate with me, Friends, Family!  God has blessed me with a good teaching position.  I would also ask, Pray for me... this is the public classroom!  I need your prayers people.  Seriously, I cannot be a good teacher... an effective teacher, mentor, counselor... anything without God's Spirit doing it through me.



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