Friday, First Day of Summer, List

Okay, I am a copy cat.  Ree Drumond does this all the time.  But it's fun, and I think she is cool, so I am copying her stuff. :-) Thanks Ree! (man, using her first name makes it seem like we are best buds from kindergarten...)

1.  Finish my Yellow Room: -  I will name it the Little Miss Sunshine Room!  I will have to follow this up with a "finished" picture.  I intend to put up nice curtains and make it just lovely.

2.  Eat something Asian tonight: it did it last Friday, so i think i will make it a summer time tradition.  Asian must be eaten each and every Friday of the summer.... i can live with that!  I drool just looking at this picture of the Pad Tai dish I had just a week ago...

3.  Finish mowing my yard: it's half way done, it's hot outside, I am taking a break.  I love my yard.  I love to sit in a shady spot and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea/ice water/wine.  Come and join me sometime... 

4.  Go to Home Depot or Lowes again; painting the back room, my "Jesus Room."  It was a cool blue when I moved in five years ago, and it had no wallpaper to be removed so it has stay un-touched until now.  I picked a much lighter blue, almost like an "icy" blue and the trim of course white.  It's looking very nice!  I need a few more items to finish the hardware part of the work.  I consider curtains, decor' and furnishings the software...

5.  Make some pesto!! I planted a few basil plants... can't wait to give it a whirl! 

6.  Visit a friend tonight who I have not seen in a while.  I love friends :-)

7.  Contact my local handy-man.  A window got in the way while painting... and I have a growing list of "want to get this done" and he may be able to help.  When dad's not around, he is my go-to!  Would love to gain a more permanent helper one of these days. Ahhh, one day.

8.  Make a smoothie for a snack.  

9.  Take a shower.  

10.  Enjoy the quietness of my house: though sitting here listening to the clock tick, I see half a dozen things that are calling my attention. Vacuum carpet, filter through my bookshelf and rid of unnecessary books, clean my kitchen floor, sweep front porch, clean the windows... okay.  Break time is over.

Have a love FIRST DAY of SUMMER!


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