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Water Walking

Okay.  Matthew 14 has me thinking this morning.

So, in this passage we see some incredible things Jesus does: Jesus mourning John the baptist's death, and Jesus feeding the 5,000, and Jesus walking on the water.

And, in previous chapters, we see Jesus healing the sick, lame, blind, deaf and mute.  His disciples have front row seats to these amazing, miraculous works.  He speaks with authority, He is continually moved with compassion to touch, heal, and meet the need of the hurting, hungry, and lost around him.

Okay, so He responds to the obvious needs around Him.  He is full of compassion... we get this, right? Well, then... why the whole walking-on-the-water thing?  What need is he meeting? Why did He do this?

Hmmm,... so Jesus put his disciples in a boat, and went up into the mountain to be alone and pray.  The disciples start rowing and got stuck in the winds and waves in the middle of the lake.  These were experienced fishermen so they knew how to operate a boat. They knew t…

Weekend In Review ~ Refreshing & Healing

What Made This Weekend So Blessed?
1.  The beauty of the ocean, the sound of the wind and the waves refreshed and heals the soul.
2.  Spending quality time with other women who love Jesus, share deep, and laugh hardily refreshes and heals the soul.

5.  Driving someone else's car! Thank You Belinda :-) I like to drive...

6.  Seeing the growing relationships from last year to this year.  As I looked over the sea of ladies in our meeting room, it was a beauty to behold!  Even though I did not personally know each and every one, I sensed the sweetness of love, trust, joy, and unity in being together in the Spirit of Christ - profoundly.

7.  Washing each other in the Word of God: I drank this in!  In one of the sessions, we were invited to read some of our favorite passages aloud.  IT WAS POWERFUL, LIVING, and VERY PERSONAL.  One lady read Psalm 34 and put feminine pronouns in it.  I nearly came to tears as this is one passage God has met me; it seemed to be directly for me again.


He's in the Details

About to take off again to our Ladies retreat this weekend.  Last year, I was drenched in goodness from the LORD.  I anticipate another blessed weekend this year.

Much has transpired in a year.  Overflowing joy, blessings, unexpected experiences, heart ache, disappointment, growth, transformation... and it's only been a year!  Interesting the way the journey has unfolded.

I remember last spring my soul was overflowing with fresh insight, deep joy and excitement.  Through the pain in the later half of the year, God brought about deeper understanding, greater freedom and clearer focus upon my identity in Christ.  James 1:2-4 could have been the banner over my head late Fall '11 and Winter '11-'12.

It's a good place to be, I value the lessons experienced.  I truly "...lack nothing!" in Christ.

Lately I have been preparing to attend a conference about pastoral care and ministry.  The material I have been reading has both challenged and encouraged me to live…

Dear True Love ~ Sleeping At Last

I heard this for the first time a few days ago sung by friends of a friend on FB.  The words are incredible.  When I "youtubed" the song by Sleeping At Last, I thought the kids who song it on a homemade video I had watched on FB did a FAR better job - their harmony was electric.  So, I put this on here... to remember the words, & stash it away for another day... :-)
Dear true love,
I'm a writer without any words,
I'm a story that nobody heard 
When i'm without you.

I am a voice,
I am a voice without any sound.
I'm a treasure map that nobody found
When i'm without you.

Dear true love,
I'm a lantern without any light,
I'm a boxer much too afraid to fight
When i'm without you.

So with this ring
May you always know one thing:
What little that i have to give,
I will give it all to you.
You're my one true love.

I am a memory,
I'm a memory bent out of shape,
A childhood already bruised with age 
When i'm without you.

Dear true love,
I'm an artist with…

Golden List Numero ?? (I lost count!)

I am in need of reminding myself of the little things that I am thankful for.... thus a Golden List is in order.

1. Warm Fellowship with my community group last night.  They surround me with sweet love!

2.  Laying out in my backyard in the sun & reading a book.

3.  Mason jars!  I have fallen in love...

4.  Firepits

5.  Backyard swing

6.  Saving $$ by not having to run the heat or the A/C in several weeks!

7.  Naps

8.  Flip-flops

9.  Loosing 6-7 lbs because of no sugar fast!

10.  Great product to keep my hair healthy longer! (expensive conditioner by Lo'real!)

11.  My family

12.  Manicured lawn & clean house (thanks to a visit from the 'Rents!)

13.  My car: I love my car, going on five years together, and I still love it as much as I did the first day I drove it home!

14.  My Doggie, even if she is not perfectly obedient: we have come to a good understanding.

15.  Challenging Season: The Lord is my Strength and my Salvation. James 1:2-4

16.  My Baby Kitty - We've …

Backyard Creativity

IMG_5434, a photo by tamigirl814 on Flickr. I saw this idea on Pinterest; DIY! I love mason jars... Saturday I went all out and got my own firepit, created some homemade lanterns, invited some friends and had a simple party. Now all I need are a few more lawn furniture... so I won't have to say "BYOC" -- Bring Your Own Chair!

Good Friday

Woke to a beautiful Spring morning, curled under a refreshing coolness blanketing a soft wet dewy dawn; I relished in the moment, rejoicing in the treat of having my windows open and it being cool enough to need my heavy comforter to keep me warm.  Ah, Spring in South Carolina! It's simply delicious with beauty for all the senses! As I stirred, not wanting to miss the wonder of the morning hours, it dawned on me it was Good Friday.

Sad, sober day: I put myself in the shoes of Jesus' disciples... what a night they had had.  And Now Jesus was in the hands of the authorities, on His way to the Cross.  I am sure they were a mess of panic, of disbelief, maybe a tinge of hope that something awesome would happen and He would show the same power that had quieted the demon-possessed, raised Lazarus from the dead... maybe He would call down a host of Angels and bring in the Kingdom... maybe? But it did not go down like that in the Garden, in fact they had witnessed Jesus in an odd weak…

Charleston Adventure