Golden List Numero ?? (I lost count!)

I am in need of reminding myself of the little things that I am thankful for.... thus a Golden List is in order.

1. Warm Fellowship with my community group last night.  They surround me with sweet love!

2.  Laying out in my backyard in the sun & reading a book.

3.  Mason jars!  I have fallen in love...

4.  Firepits

5.  Backyard swing

6.  Saving $$ by not having to run the heat or the A/C in several weeks!

7.  Naps

8.  Flip-flops

9.  Loosing 6-7 lbs because of no sugar fast!

10.  Great product to keep my hair healthy longer! (expensive conditioner by Lo'real!)

11.  My family

12.  Manicured lawn & clean house (thanks to a visit from the 'Rents!)

13.  My car: I love my car, going on five years together, and I still love it as much as I did the first day I drove it home!

14.  My Doggie, even if she is not perfectly obedient: we have come to a good understanding.

15.  Challenging Season: The Lord is my Strength and my Salvation. James 1:2-4

16.  My Baby Kitty - We've been together for 11 years! :-)


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