Weekend In Review ~ Refreshing & Healing

What Made This Weekend So Blessed?

1.  The beauty of the ocean, the sound of the wind and the waves refreshed and heals the soul.

2.  Spending quality time with other women who love Jesus, share deep, and laugh hardily refreshes and heals the soul.
These are a few of the main reasons this weekend was so very blessed!  These ladies are precious gems; I am SO VERY thankful God has put them in my life!  Love Each One Of You!

3. Waking with the sweet sense of warm, loving company is one of my favorites!  I was very, very aware of this facet this weekend.  My heart has been hungry for safe, warm, embracing relationships: it was poured over me in abundance --- This Is Very Refreshing and Healing to the soul.

4.  A hearty power walk on the beach exfoliated my barefeet and burned up excess calories - This was very... good for my thighs and buns... and feet! :-)

5.  Driving someone else's car! Thank You Belinda :-) I like to drive...

6.  Seeing the growing relationships from last year to this year.  As I looked over the sea of ladies in our meeting room, it was a beauty to behold!  Even though I did not personally know each and every one, I sensed the sweetness of love, trust, joy, and unity in being together in the Spirit of Christ - profoundly.

7.  Washing each other in the Word of God: I drank this in!  In one of the sessions, we were invited to read some of our favorite passages aloud.  IT WAS POWERFUL, LIVING, and VERY PERSONAL.  One lady read Psalm 34 and put feminine pronouns in it.  I nearly came to tears as this is one passage God has met me; it seemed to be directly for me again.

8.  A Chocolate Milkshake from Fuddruckers... made MY WEEK!  I have been craving a milkshake for a while and have not given myself the indulgence.  It made me very happy to finally enjoy one!!

9.  A Word from God's Spirit: surrender.  "Lord, Help me keep my hands open and my heart, mind, soul and body in a posture of surrender to You."  In this place, He sets us FREE!

10.  And... of course, coming home.  I was SO blessed, and So tired... :-) And SO glad to see my bed!  Now, how can I get these precious ladies to move into a compound or all in the same neighborhood so I can wake and see them every morning from my back porch or through my kitchen window...??


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