More Renovating With Purpose

Good Morning!

June flew by like a tornado in my neck of the woods, and it seems July is doing about the same.  Though here in South Carolina, it's more like a flood with all the rain dumping on us!  I am glad I don't have to worry with building an ark!

With the exhilaration of a new job, the summer weeks have opened up for me to do a few little projects around my house.  So far, with the sweet helping hands of a few friends, two rooms have been painted and my kitchen is finally getting some attention!  Here are a few pictures:

This is my "little Miss Sunshine" room.  As the yellow paint dried, it's glow grew brighter and brighter.  I may have to provide a sleep mask for any future guest and/or housemate! ;-)
The other room is not ready for posting yet... though it is a nice soft (very soft) blue!
The Kitchen:  As you can see, I have begun stripping the cabinet's!  I have been wanting to do this since moving in five years ago.  I started with a few drawers, and found it to be much "easier" than I had imagined.  Now... three weeks into this project, it's not so much "hard" but simply a lot!  At the time of this post, I have almost completed the top section up to the corner in this picture.  It's a big job, little by little, inch by inch, with His Strength it will be finished.  I look forward to showing the finished project!  Maybe by Christmas???  :-P
These are my basic tools... and of course, gloves.  The wood in this picture is one of the cabinet doors after being stripped.

In the midst of all the scrubbing, scraping, stripping and scouring of my kitchen, I am scouting for a nice new counter top, some backsplash and new lighting.  The end will hopefully expose the beautiful wood floor under the current linoleum as well.  My vision currently leans toward applying a clear finish on the wood cabinets if the wood continues to strip well and the sanding cleans off the bumps and scratches.  IF not, I will paint them, again.  If that is the turn the project takes, should I go light, as in white or dark, as in black or deep brown?  That is all hypothetical.  Trying not to think myself too far ahead. Right now my basic goal is open and fresh, clean and updated with blue and green tones.

So this is what is occupying my summer Stay-cation time.  My arms are getting a magnificent work out, yet I am not as "tough" as it may seem; I work in 3-5 hours spurts.  Sometimes taking a few days break between those spurts.  After a few days and laborious hours, I am worn out, physically, mentally and emotionally.  I get tired of scrubbing, and wistfully long for free help.  I heard myself think these last few days, "And why am I doing all this work?"  Hoping and praying the end goal will be worth the means.  Even though it is labor intensive, I enjoy it.  It gives me a different focus, time to think, listen and pray.

Ultimately, this is God's house.  I want everything I have to bring glory to Him, to be used by Him and be a part of building His kingdom, encouraging His Church.  My little heart and head believes beauty is important to that process.  That is Why I am doing all this work: "I feel His pleasure..." as I beautify my house.


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