Reflections To Come: The Shack

I finished reading "The Shack" last night. I have many thoughts I want to reflect upon; but I read it kind of quickly and want to re-read a few chapters so I can better grasp that which grasped me. I want to thank those who have recommended the reading of this book. I thought it very interesting when I posted on my FB page that I was reading it, I received many comments, from folks I do not usually hear from; their comments were a mixed review. This book has surely stirred up some things. I am glad.

Personally, my heart was very blessed, my being affirmed and the Truths God has been whispering into my Soul were simply confirmed. I am heading to FL today to hang out with family and friends from my hometown. I have given myself an assignment: to post a few reflections on this book. So, over the next few days, I am going to re-read a few chapters and share my thoughts. I would love some feedback; no arguments please ;-)

After reading the book, it actually grieves me that folks are in such a tizzy over it - The principles seem very clear to me: God is bigger, and quite indescribable, yet the very characteristics He describes Himself as being... are used in the book. As you can tell, I have a positive opinion about this novel and I just want to glean the good God has for me in its pages. The author himself, Paul Young, tells you why he wrote it, with an emphasis that it is not a doctrinal statement or theology text. God is indescribable... and He wants to be in relationship with Us. That is pretty amazing; awesome in beauty and bursting with splendor!

So, as I hit the road today... i will be thinking on my next post. I wish I had it on audio... I do have the author's testimony on my ipod... that is totally worth listening to again.

For now, I thought this was a great thing I read in Psalm 35:
"The LORD be exalted,
who delights in the well-being of his servant."


Shelby said…
I gleaned a lot of truths from the book as well, but my issue with it was not so much with the author, but with the fact that there for a while when it was brand new, many many people I talked to were taking everything in the book as seriously as Scripture. Personally, I had some issues with some of his illustrations. Overall, I did get some good stuff from the book and it was certainly thought provoking, but I had a lot of red flags while reading it. Maybe I should read it have inspired me to give it another go! Love you and praying for you girly!!

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