Full Of Thanks

Hello Everyone!

I have to send out a HUGE THANKS to you all who have been praying for me this week. As you know from a previous post, i started teaching this week in a new school. I have the wonderful privilege of teaching two subjects i love: History and Bible!! I was quite apprehensive about this position as it is in a public school - and it is an "inner city" school as well. You don't exactly want to take an evening stroll around this area.

God has totally blessed me this week....for one, i have a wonderful peace in my heart and mind. It is my tendency to get quite worked up and stressed about preparing and having my stuff together....for teaching. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my classroom. As i prepared for this endeavor, i rediscovered my love for history! I have a degree in history...but it has been a while since i have gotten to teach it. So...it was like watching an exciting thriller before me as i prepared...and i could not wait to share my excitement. These poor kids...i may be a bit much for them?! Oh well, so far so good...i have very responsive students who are enjoying my animated way of teaching! I obviously love teaching Bible too - they are working on a little project this week so i am not being a "teacher" yet...but that starts next week....pray they enjoy and receive what HE wants them too. Being a public classroom i can't "preach!" :-)

Another way God is taking care of me is by providing me a place to stay which is only 12 miles from the school!! Thanks again to a sweet family in my church who happen to have a rental that is vacant right now and they are working on it - so i have company too!! It sure makes a difference to come home to busy bodies who are interested in your day. I have enjoyed pitching in with them as they makeover the house.

One more praise i will share...of the many, is a wonderful Christian radio station. The first morning i was here, i woke to a very quiet and lonely house (my "housemates" were coming later that day) and i switched on my radio, it was set to the usual setting of the station i listen to at home (50 miles away). Out of that little box came some awesome praise music!! I was so happy to hear such wonderful praise - and it was new stuff too, songs that are not usually played on my station at home. I was so happy - I KNOW GOD was smiling as i danced around the little house getting ready for my day! He does such wonderful things! Oh by the way, the station is CSN - a Christian Satellite Network station....how cool is that!

So, THANK YOU for all you that have been praying! KEEP it up! For my friends who have called, i will give you a ring this weekend. I go home tomorrow night and i am anxious to see my Baby Kitty. I miss her!


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