The Little Things

I woke up happy this morning...something felt smooth and pretty on my hands and feet - My fingernails and toes were polished with perfection and it just makes a girl happy to feel pretty! I laughed as i mused at how girls are.... Something like a pedicure just really does make a woman feel good. (If you can get over paying someone else to paint your toes....which is hard for me sometimes; i always feel a little guilty having someone wash my feet....hmm, it does cause you to reflect about Jesus washing the disciples feet...) Anyhow, that is a rabbit i want to write soon.

For those trekking along w/ me - the last few weeks i have been camping out in Jacksonville, as i am teaching at a high school near here. I am staying w/ a friend who has a lovely apartment and a very cool coffee maker....that made me smile too this morning! Something about the smell of fresh coffee brewing that just wakes you up in a real nice way!

One more thing made me smile this morning...Jacksonville is divided by the St. John's river. My commute in the morning sends me over the river on a magnificent bridge! I LOVE IT! There are sail boats peppered out in the waters and the water is simply beautiful, calming and invigorating - all at the same time.

I love the little things. Don't you?


I LOVE the little things!

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