New Friends

I had such a wonderful time last night! I love the longer days Spring brings us - and i love living in Florida - and I love it when i get to look at the beautiful sunset sky, stand by a body of water and drink in LIFE and enjoy new friends!

Last night i spend the evening with some new friends! My friend has two sweet precious little girls - who are full of life! Being that i don't have children of my own, i love it when kids smile and laugh and allow me to be a kid with them. In fact, the smallest of the two made me laugh as we played last night. We had meandered to a park by the St. John's river, it had a magnificent tree that just begged to be climbed! I scampered up the tree and the little one said, "Isn't if fun to be a kid!" (or something very close to that!) Yes, it IS FUN to be a kid...even when you are in your mid-30's! We enjoyed the fresh evening racing, and playing and picking up trash - as it was EARTH DAY, and we were doing our part in keeping the earth clean.

As i went to bed last night, my heart simply overflowed with joy. Thank You Lord for new friends, sunsets, and laughter!


I want to get a great picture of Lake Minnehaha..I think that is how you spell it...anyhow..I LOVE the sunsets over the lakes here..absolutely beautiful!

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