Great Week - Time to Go Home

It has been a wonderful week. I SING His Praise! Do you ever feel that God has you in HIS CLASSROOM? That is how i feel. So many thoughts have passed through my head this week - so many little tidbits i felt the Lord whispering into my Spirit. Some of those thoughts were....

My sweet friend Emily...she was killed last year on April 20 in a car accident. She was only 23, vibrant, loving Jesus and just such a unique person. She touched MANY...her death seemed (still seems) so untimely...and she comes to mind lots. My heart is heavy for the grief i know her family is still experiencing....missing her so badly. I miss her too.

Thoughts of her....lead me to think of Heaven...and what she may want to say to us. Heaven is our home...i prayed with more fervency this week that I would be more heavenly minded...Seeking first His Kingdom. All else will burn, fade, die...disappear.

I also had thoughts of marriage...and the mystery that it is....i am still on the single side of relationships. I have had my share of ups and downs ...and relationship delimmas. I heard a tidbit of a message about marriage...he pointed to Song of Solomon...and i found my heart was so delighted to reflect on the beauty, excitement...the mystery of love...even through the struggles...He calls us into Intimacy with HIM...and marriage is a picture...of the most intimate of love. It is meant to be lovely, breathtaking.... He is our original romancer!

My last musing i wanted to blog about new name. This past week i was in SC visiting my family. My adorable niece, who is not yet 2, could not pronounce my name came out "Pom-ina". I am not sure where the "na" came from but it was very cute...sounds like an indian princess or something. Jacob received a new name from the Lord...after wrestling all night...he would not let go of this man who he wrestled with until he blessed him. Many theologians believe this "man" was Jesus in the Old Testament....anyhow, i know i have been wrestling with the Lord over a few things in my life. And...this week, i had a little revelation. If God has done something in my life...why am i still wrestling with it? I realized this week, this is being disobedient! I need to accept His Word, His Leading and rest there...and stop wrestling! How i want HIS BLESSING in my life....the darkness has hidden His face in the struggle...but, the mystery of what i was wrestling with...with WHO i was wrestling with...has been revealed. Him! My sin nature does not want to die...i want to keep picking at it like a scab that needs to remain to bring healing...He is my Healer, I can, I must trust Him. This has been huge this week, as i know my thoughts can begin...spinning and get me all tied up! So, I began "capturing" those seedlings and submitting it to the obedience of Jesus Christ. The battle IS in the mind....and as i thought of Jacob, his struggle...and the blessing and the New Name he received....i know i want that too.

This continues to be a year of Jubilee for me. Week by by day...He is leading me triumphantly...glory to glory!

It is Friday...and my first week "camping out" in Jacksonville has come to an end...i am homesick! I get to go home tonight...and hold my kitty, sleep in my wonderful bed...and rest! How wonderful!


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