Golden List

About a year ago i read the book called "The Ultimate Gift." They made a movie out from it, but as usual, the movied doesn't even come close to the book. From that book my roommate and i decided to adopt something in the book that inspired both of us: The habit of being Thankful! It illustrates the power of being thankful - God's Word tells us many times to BE THANKFUL: a golden list - as the book expressed it - is naming ten things you are thankful for as soon as you wake up! My roommate pulled out an old white board and posted it on the refrigerator and wrote on the top: The Golden List. For weeks we were pretty consistant on writing out ten things we were thankful for....sometimes we would miss a day just because we were so busy but we still tried to stop and list ten things....whatever came to mind worked! i am going to list thirteen things ( my sis-in-love does the Thursday Thirteen so lets make it 13 today!).

1. Beautiful blue skies!
2. A good nights sleep
3. A place to stay while i work in Jacksonville
4. Meeting up w/ my friend Deidre today!
5. It is THURSDAY! (One more day until i see my own bed and my kitty!!!)
6. Hearing from my friend Michelle yesterday about my new house!
7. Health!
8. A JOB!
9. My students
10. My family
11. My parents are coming to visit me!
12. God's Promises
13. God's Love

:-) There are more popping in my head....i will just voice those to the Lord!


Great list! So much to be thankful for! You are a blessed woman!
I really enjoyed our conversation the other day. I look forward to more of them!! Have a GREAT Sunday!

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