Showers of Blessing

I began to title this entry as "My cup overflows"....but i ran across this picture...and i decided i like it! Dancing in the rain is FUN - if you have never tried it, it is totally worth getting wet.

I am so thankful for My Cup does overflow, and i danced in my showers of blessing this weekend. Sometimes when we get to the end of our work week, we just want to crash at home...but a Sabbath is meant to refresh, yes, resting does come in the form of sleep but refreshment comes from the Lord (as does true rest!). I was refreshed this weekend by being around my family, and loved ones...and going to church...and being a part of Church...and Hearing from the Lord. I heard someone say, a good day is when we have heard from the Lord. No matter what happens, if we receive from Him, it is always GOOD! So i the day, in the weekend, in my family and friends and mostly in My Lord! He is so good to me!

All my blessings were wonderful this totally caught me by surprise! I teach Sunday school and the lesson this week was Jesus: The Overcomer. It amazes me how personal God is...(why am i surprised by this?). Several things came up last week that made me feel powerless in the face of darkness....but, i heard Him whisper to me, "Greater is He who is IN you than he who is in the World." Guess what the key verse was in my lesson? Yep....same one! My class got SO into the lesson - i was totally blessed. In My weakness....His Strength is perfect. Praise Him - He has overcome the World! So I will dance even when it rains all day!


:..Rebekah..: said…
I love that..."A good day is when we hear from the Lord." How true! Any day can be beautiful when we've spent time in his presence. Have a blessed and beautiful day!
I am so happy that you are doing so well!

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