True Friend

You know that song, "I am a friend of God"...i use to really not like it. Not sure why, it just was one of those songs that rubbed the wrong way. Maybe it was that very part, saying, " I am a friend of God,"...I know Christ calls us 'Friends" but can i say I am a friend of God?

A few days ago I saw a skit. A Man was sitting on a bench and several "friends" came by. He looked forward to each friend but each one came by either unfocused, busy, not engaging with their "Friend" on the bench, until the last one who actually sat down and had a real conversation with the Man.

It was a simple skit but God grabbed my attention. He wants me to talk to Him as a Friend. He longs for me to talk to Him about my day, my concerns, my thoughts, my joys, my struggles - He wants to go with me through my lonely times, through my fear that I will be alone forever on this earth, that i may never know a man's love or marriage or children - He wants me to allow Him to walk with me and carry these burdens with me. He doesn't want me to do it alone, but with Him.

It was a "Holy Moment" for me as lately I have realized how fear has gripped my heart over these issues, wrapping me in chains that I could not break - they were taking the very life out of me. And I didn't even know it; yes, denial is pretty deceptive. Truth is pretty freeing, just acknowledging my fear was freeing - yes it is still there but it is not as black and intimidating as it was hiding in the dark. I know He is holding my hand through it.

It kind of gave me a new insight to that song I mentioned. He is my friend. The safest and strongest Friend I have ever had.


I wanted to encourage you with the whole comment thing. It has taken me a full year to have the few comments I have. I am sure as people 'discover' your wonderful blog they will make it a daily reading. Blogs are like personalities...we are attracted to them according to what we like. I tend to gravitate to decorating ones and ones that have a mix...focus on the Lord but add light hearted stuff in there as well. :) I do look forward to reading your posts. :) LOVE you!
:..Rebekah..: said…
This hits me right where I'm at right now. I'm wrestling with some fears and I needed the reminder that he's holding my hand too. Thanks for sharing. It's such a blessing to see how God is teaching you and drawing you close.
Anonymous said…
that is awesome tammie!

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