Join Me for Coffee?

It's a sunny chilly morning here in SC; but I have already been up, and enjoyed the waterfront trail with Sasha, on my rollerblades for some good exercise. Now, my buns are literally thawing out as I sit in my favorite quiet time place, with my hoodie over my ears, the rest of me covered up with a warm blanket and a fresh cup of coffee to warm my hands between thoughts here...

It has been a very good week. My last few days at McAl's were sweet as I felt loved by my fellow co-workers. I exchanged a few phone numbers to help stay connected and promised to stop by when I could to say "hello." Now, I look forward to the unknown in my new "work" - I feel that God truly led this change as my studies will become much more demanding of my heart and head and time. This new job will allow me to study while I am there; what a blessed assurance that God is covering me on these details!

Another sweet blessing this week was I got to spend time with some dear friends last night. My dear friend and I have been so swept up in our busy schedules that we had not gotten together for some good quality time for a few months. We planned to meet for dinner last night and I joyfully anticipated our evening all week. One thing I had in mind was to go to a particular restaurant that is famous in these parts for its southern style cuisine, particularly South Carolinian BBQ!

It was quite the experience; upon entering the restaurant, I distinctly felt like I was in a church fellowship potluck dinner! We paid, walked up to a cafeteria style food buffet, grabbed a plate and loaded it up with some very good SC BBQ, veggies (of course, green beans) and yummy yeast rolls... Oh, my goodness, it was MMMM, MMMM good! The tables were set up, end to end, so you sat along side people you didn't even know, close enough to rub elbows with and hear each others conversation easily (though it was very loud so you had to pull close to your friends to hear your own conversation!). We had a grand time, and of course, I saved room for dessert!

To top off the evening, we got into a rich conversation in the car on the way home (it was a BEAUTIFUL Night, clear skies and a bright moon). We huddled together in my friends home and continued talking about God's tender love and faithfulness in our lives until well past my bedtime, and for you who don't know me... my bedtime comes around ten! This Cinderella was hearing the clock chime 12 when I pulled out of my friends driveway, with a full heart and tummy! Does it get any better than that?

So, this morning, I am enjoying the savory aftertaste of the evening last night. My mind is enjoying the things the Lord has placed before me - that He is a God of HOPE, Love, and Fullness of Life is in Him. I am preparing for tomorrow's Sunday school lesson, it is on Naomi... one who was empty but God in His wonderful amazing ways, filled her heart and arms. Her bitterness was truly turned to Joy. What an awesome God we serve!

Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare. Isaiah 55:2


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