3:44 PM

I am witnessing some SNOW flakes FALLING!!!!!!!!!!! :-) It is really beautiful too.... thank YOU Lord... it makes the gray clouds not so ugly. :-)

4:41PM - Still comin' down!!! So beautiful; hot tea brewin' ... tucked down in my red couch, my roomie in her comfy clothes, me in my favorite sweatshirt.... watchin' tv... like we are on vacation; that is what happens here in SC when it snows... everyone stops and takes it in!
“He directs the snow to fall on the earth
and tells the rain to pour down.
Then everyone stops working
so they can watch his power." Job 37:6-7 :-)

7:43PM - Snow covers everything!! It is getting colder so it will stick until the sunrise :-) BUT that means ICEEE!!! Watching opening of Winter Olympics :-) So SAD about the death.... so love the Olympics... ever since I was young, it has been one of my favorite things to watch... and see the World come together! Smell and hear my roommate trying her hand at popping popcorn the old fashion way. Yeah.... it is a gooooood Friday Night! Oh, yeah, and HAPPY 44th ANNIVERSARY to my mom and dad. I love You.

8:44PM - 3-4 inches of snow covers my yard!!! It is soft and fluffy too... not sloshy; I am surprised as usually snow here in the South is wet more than dry... but it is gorgeous. I may just have to stay awake all night so I can enjoy how beautiful it is.... it feels like it's God's way of giving me a sweet Valentines, reminding me HE is the one who can bring beauty out of what seems like very gray, cold, colorless winter days.

9:39PM - Let's make that at least 5-7 inches! :-) Sasha loves it! Wish I had a camera....

11:16PM - Snow is still falling.... The Opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics is minutes away from being over... Then I am off to bed. Someday, I want to visit that beautiful city of Vancouver! Goodnight.... I guess I did my own "updating" tonight...


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