7 Days Late

Happy New Year!!!

My usual habit of posting something on the new year's day or eve was debunked this year!  I was hit with a heavy malady causing all creative energy and desire to seep out of my brain and body.

So, my fresh start has had a little drag!  I am still dragging a bit but almost up to full speed.  I lost my voice in the midst of it all.  Monday I went to work and squeaked my way through: it was a good day anyhow.   I was glad to see my students and get rolling again!

No real new resolutions this year, just the typical get healthier and try to make that 10K again this year. I feel like I am on a new plateau of sorts, happy for the recent breakthrough, joy in my work and balanced in my being; experiencing greater freedom, peace and joy.  Like that last lap after swimming hard: it's time to relax and breath a bit before leaving the pool.

As I swish through the waters of my memories, I thought it would be nice to remember some of my favorite moments of 2013 that I captured:
Sweet new friends :-)

My Nieces having fun with my phone; me having fun laughing with them!

My first successful mini-garden!
Daisies found, memories uncovered while in Toccoa visiting my family.

A beautiful Sunday in the Fall, enjoying lunch out at some friends home in the country.
Bubbles outside a Greenville Cafe :-) I love bubbles!

Driving in style for an evening :-) I was fun, and no I did not drive fast nor furious!

Several significant house projects were accomplished! 

New Job, New life :-)

Capturing beauty again :-) I can't even count how many pictures of sunsets, lakes, clouds and sails I have....

Bring reminded of the HOPE we have in Him!!

Turning 40!

My new painted room with new drapes from IKEA!

Getting my kitchen renovated!

More pictures of clouds!

Bowling fun with family :-)

Growing deeper relationships with my wonderful community group.  They have truly become a dear family to me!

Blessings upon blessings are mine!

Just a sweet angle...photography fun!

Seeing life through a few little ones I have cared for makes my perspective continue to grow!

His Faithfulness to me is like sweet kisses... I love Him!
My favorite selfie :-)

My Moses boy and his doggie :-) I watched him over the summer... love that kid!!


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