Salutations & Saying Thanks

Good Morning ~ It's a good morning: Saturday's are amazing gifts... I don't have to wake up to an alarm :-)

It's time for a "Golden List"

1.  Spring in South Carolina --- there could be a hundred subtitles to this first point....

2. A great roommate and friend
She will hate me for posting this.... 

3.  Amazing cheese --- our Whole Foods were sharing samples of this cheddar cheese variety with sea salt in it... I may or may not have had a few more than my fair share.

4.  Bare Essentials Make up.... a new thing in my make up bag.  :-)

5.  Friends passing through town & a free meal to boot!

6.  Sasha: funny how a relationship grows with a person or group or animal in this case... :-) She brings me much joy.
A recent road trip: Sasha always enjoys getting fries for a treat! :-)

7.  Communication: texts, emails, snail mail, facebook comments, blog comments... phone calls... yes.  More please.

8.  My Community group family

9. Quiet evenings alone or with friends

Such a good girl :-)

10.  Live Theatre... especially when it is FREE! Tonight... "A Servant of Two Masters" and next week... "Les Miserables!"Come Join us!

Over all... these I give thanks... May I give the LORD Glory and Praise for His Power and Strength;  I am so thankful He is BIG, Strong and Loving.


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