To Be or not to Be

PhotobucketI am enjoying a book that I have to read for an assignment. It is called TrueFaced. It is about trusting God and living out of who God says I am and not trying to BE what I think I should be.

Here is one foundational concept shared in the book: you are on a road and you come to a point in which you have to make a choice to go one of two ways. Pointing one way, printed on the arrow it says "Please God", pointing the opposite direction it says "Trust God". You have to choose one. Upon first reading this, I thought, BOTH of these are good - How can you choose ONE? Obviously this required me to delve deeper: Pleasing God is a GREAT thing, I want to do this! Trusting God is what He wants us to do too....

The book goes on to describe where each of these roads lead to: one to a place where I am striving to BE something, the other is a place that you live out of the truth of WHO GOD SAYS YOU ARE: Trusting what He has said to be TRUE.

Now, this is not something new - it is about Beautiful GRACE. It amazes me how much our heart and mind forget and begins living - no striving - when we should not strive - that is not what God wants. Yes we will have trials and tribulation but when we are living OUT of what we ARE and not always TRYING to BE something we can never do on our own - we are trusting and not striving! Trying to please, to BE, exhausts us, and we are continually dealing with failure and defeat when God's Word says He leads us in triumph! HELLO! Hmmmm, well, i needed this reminder. God says I am a NEW creation, I am clothed in Righteousness. I am reflecting His likeness, moving to ever increasing glory. I am accepted, forgiven, chosen for GOOD WORKS in Christ Jesus. I AM because HE DID it for me.

So, no need to strive to BE because I AM who HE says I am. So, shall I try to BE? No, because I am! Hallelujah!


Toia said…
Love it! How can you try to be something you are already are? Great post.
Toia said…
PS - I'm on SC time, too :)
Rebekah said…
Desperately need this reminder too.....thanks. Have a blessed day!
Mike said…
I need to be reminded of that too!
Enjoyed the Kathyryn Scott btw.

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