Being Understood

When i was a teenager, i loved playing volleyball(I still love a good game of V-ball). It may have had something do to with the HUGE crush i had on my pastor's son whom i was not allowed to "date" but would see with certainty on Saturday night: volleyball night. Somehow this really helped me grow in my volleyball skills *wink* - It really was a sport i excelled in but was too insecure to actually go out for the team in my public high school.

I didn't think my father really cared or noticed that i had a sports talent, i believed he was more concerned over the fact i was infatuated with someone he felt was not right for me.

As i worked through those tumultuous days, I often felt estranged from my dad. He didn't understand me. But one Christmas during this time, my dad did something that changed that: he bought me a volleyball. A VOLLEYBALL! Somehow, this spoke VOLUMES to my heart. He DID see me; He did understand. He saw there was something I EXCELLED in and He gave me something that showed me this. How wonderful to be understood. It was simple, but it was a pinhole of LIGHT into my world. Amazing....

I am GLAD God understands us....Inside and out; even when we don't understand ourselves or the events around us. What a wonderful fact; What a wonderful gift - to be understood.


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