A Surprising Glance

Yesterday I enjoyed almost a whole day at home. Now, that may not sound exciting to some but when your schedule is in "weird" mode - no rhyme or reason, a day to just be at home is such a gift! I love being at home; I love traveling as well but the womanly part of me that is a God given domestic side is alive!

Being that clouds were rolling in, eventually bringing rain made it even more a "stay at home" kind of day. I had plenty of studying to keep me busy; one great thing about being in seminary is that 99% of my school work is geared toward studying about God and His word! What can be better than that? I have to admit I wasn't really doing well on focusing on my school work but i was enjoying God! So as i was doing this, and pondering (and procrastinating) some projects I took some time to look back over this past year on my blog. I found some unexpected encouragement.

Last spring I wrote about what God was doing as I taught school, worked and lived the adventure of Life. I was SO encouraged! It reminded me of that verse in which it says of David, "And he encouraged himself in the Lord." Well, if there was blogging back then, I am sure David would have been doing what I was doing yesterday! He did write many of the Psalms, I wonder if he simply pulled some of those out and strummed a few cords until his heart was tuned in with God? I was also surprised to find comments that I had not read - what a delightful surprise!

I wasn't particularly down yesterday but I sure felt a lift in my heart and mind as I remembered what God has down this year! Another blessing of blogging! Thank you for those who read and leave comments! Mostly I am thankful for God and His sweet surprises! May we not forget all He has done!


Rebekah said…
Your blog is always a sweet and God-glorifying place to visit. I've enjoyed getting to know you so much through blogging. I am always encouraged when I come!

Blogging has become such a special blessing to me too!
~ Amanda ~ said…
i'm encouraged today too. thanks for sharing :)

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