Fourth Fun

Happy Fourth of July! 

I believe this day is one of my favorites; over the past few years, it has distinguished itself in my memories.  Sailing is one part of the weekend, as well as watermelon, blueberries, some group activities like Contra dancing or hometown festival... and this year it is no different - more or less. :-)

This year, this weekend has included a bit of sailing, a bit of hanging with friends, but mostly I have enjoyed a quieter holiday setting my house in order, keeping Sasha company and calm during the exploding flares and bottle rockets in my neighborhood.  I do plan on joining my community group tonight for a firework show and traditional fourth food!

Kitty is all about the celebrating too...

"I think we should shoot some off in the house tonight.  Sasha would totally love know, like good therapy, make her face her fears.  I am just thinking of what would be good for her..."
"Mom, I am not going to smile, I don't care if it is the Fourth of July."
She loves it when I whip out the camera....


notpoems said…
good stuff. :-) I love the sail picture...

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