Rocky part of the Journey

The moon is full tonight. i always love a full moon. The air is cool, and the sky is clear, the crickets are singing and i am enjoying the quiet stillness of the night.

I have been in South Carolina for over a week now and my journey is getting rocky. Tonight I felt the tinge of homesickness as I studied the path immediately ahead of me. I thought of friends at home and missed the comfortable security of my church and home there. Starting fresh is hard and i knew i would face these feelings as i prepared to part ways, but that doesn't make it any less painful. I have family here and a few friends, but it takes awhile to find a "nitch" that is mine. I know it will come but i am missing home tonight.

I am waiting on a job to materialize, then i will be able to make a move on my little house. I pray the job comes through by Friday then i can really be all here. So, please pray for my job. Today, i felt a peace over all the details, but my humanness wants to have a more tangible hold on it. God says walk by faith not by sight. He is my provider, my keeper, my Shepherd and my Love. It is in these times He shows Himself faithful. I have drawn comfort in looking over the path i have already trod, His Faithfulness speaks loud.

So, here is to a little homesickness. I love you friends! And, also a plea for prayer that i will be steadfast in looking up!


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Hey Tammie..deleted my previous comment..hey..we are praying for you..hang in there!!

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