House Hunt

That show on TV makes house hunting look so easy..... Well, armed w/ good advice from AP, my dad and I have been combing the streets here in Columbia, SC. I have seen old, new, big, small...vinyl, wood, stone, brick...and whatever else may fall inbetween. It has only been a week but i felt the need to find something and get moved up here to my new abode.

"He will make the path smooth..." This seems to be wallpapered to the back of my brain...and i simply wanted to rest in Him. I have felt a little anxiety but in the midst of this week, one night in particular, i felt the tinges of worry pulling on my mind....and i spoke out: Lord, Thank you that You are my Shepherd, my Fortress, My Guide, and My Provider. The worry dissipated like fog on a hot day and things have been good since.

So, today....i made my first offer!! Yes, we literally stumbled across a little brick house in good proximity of school, and possibly work....and i see LOTS of wonderful potential; and it is livable right away! SO, i should know soon what will happen! It is a good feeling....God's hands are wrapping around me and I am filled with peace, and joy. Even if this doesn't come together for this house, He is guiding my steps and i am confident of His covering. I will keep ya posted!!!


Hope it all works out!!
I have something for you at my blog..:)

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