A Good Day

I am sitting in a little deli in my hometown of Melrose. I just finished of a yummy grilled veggie wrap.

I woke up at 3:30 AM Sunday morning and was unable to go back to sleep. As i lay there - after putting my two year old niece back in her bed since she had rolled off her little bed (the thud was probably what originally woke me!) - I realized my week would increasingly get busy, with the possibility of a job starting up in Columbia, SC. I knew I needed to get back to Melrose to pack up my room and my earthly belongings so get it ready to move up to SC. So, i hopped up as quietly as i could and shoved my toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse, popped my contacts in, and headed South.

As i drove, it was still dark and i was happy to be up to see the morning miracle of dawn! I also enjoyed a moment of thankfulness; being single i have the freedom of doing what i was doing - spontaneously jumping in my car, with as little packed as ever, and heading out! Oh the bliss of singleness! I like to capture those moments because sometimes, being single, people begin to think all you want to do is get married and they give you some sort of pity - "ah, your day will come..." But, i am here to proclaim that TODAY is my day and It is here to be enjoy to its fullness....so i enjoy it! If a man comes into my life tomorrow, at God's Hand - that will be good too!

So, i shocked my roommate by arriving at 10:15 a.m. in the morning - i did send her a text saying i was coming home, 30 minutes before driving up into the driveway.... I had to crash for a few hours.., oh, how wonderful my bed is! - I have been packing like a mad-woman and realizing how much unnecessary stuff i have; the good-will store is going to love me! Tomorrow i head back to SC and get to work.

Oh - I signed on a house!!! It is so cute. I will be posting pictures soon! I can hardly wait to move in and start renovating! All those hours of watching HGTV will pay off!


Hey! Did you make it back to SC? Are you working?!! How is it going?
Tammie said…
No i am not working yet. Finding a job is more of a challenge than i would like to admit. I was aiming for this Friday (tomorrow) to have something...but nothing yet. I do have an interview w/ a company Monday - but it is a sales thing and i despise sales....i hope a teller position opens up for me.
Funny the timing of your comment...lol! You must have gotten your job..like..moments later!! lol

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