Too Funny!

How fun is that! I just finished reading LPM blogspot (see my favorites!) and Beth wrote about going to the grocery store! I felt like i was walking in the store with her - and all her comments about forgetting a list and getting distracted had me busting a gut as i do the same thing....i make a list, and it gets lost between the car and the store somehow!!

I love laughing! It has been a good day today! The Joy of the Lord is our strength! Back to Beth's share a low-guilt treat we like! My recent is vanilla yogurt w/ chucks of mango! I found a brand of frozen fruit, mango being one of my personal fav's - i toss a few chucks in and let it thaw a little...oh boy, it is YUM-O!


2 Tbs. natural peanut butter mixed with sugar free/ low fat whipping cream dip...granny smith apples to dip...yum! Yours sounds yummy as well!!
Hey~ Have you lost your blogging zeal?! I was looking forward to reading your writing while I was gone! Hope you are well. We are unpacking and enjoying the warm weather!

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