Been Tagged ~ Thanks!

What was I doing 10 years ago? 1998

I was 24, working on finishing my teaching degree in Toccoa, GA.
I worked at Lake Swan Camp for my second summer - LOVED IT.
I loved school, living at Paradise Mt. and with Wendy as my roomie! We had so much fun - riding horses, drinking tea, laughing together - dreaming of love and life and what God had for us!
I remember that pivotal visit with my SIL in CO - it was a tough, delicate week - how my heart hurt for her.
I was driving a Honda was a 92, i loved it too!

5 things on my to-do list today ~
Go to the store :-)
Compile an egg cassarole for our Church's Easter Brunch.
Call a friend and invite her to church tomorrow.
Read a book a friend let me borrow.
Possibly...get started on my closet....or watch tv ~ not feeling like i want to Work today, so will probably put the closet off for another day!

Snacks I enjoy ~
FResh fruit - pineapple, peaches, mango, Gala Apples...
Fresh bread - with butter and honey!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire ~
Help people...Give it away as the Lord led...
Build a home...a beautiful retreat center on the oceanside to minister to people - my place would be a small house near the i could work there!!! wherever
I would like to buy myself...a good road bike, and a miniature austrailian shepherd. :-)

Five of my bad habits ~
I am a little messy - i fight to keep my clothes off the floor, and my space clutter free....
I don't always walk in confidence....
I waste time....
I don't always think of much as i should.
I eat too much sugar.....probably addicted!!

Five places I have lived ~
Minneola, FL
Toccoa, GA
Lindale, TX
Columbia, SC
Melrose, FL
South Africa

Five jobs I've had ~
1. Bed & Breakfast Housekeeping
2. Brother John's Sub Sandwich shop
3. Sears (worst one!)
4. Dorm parent
5. Teacher

That's That!


LOVE gala apples as well! Thanks for playing!!

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