Summer Projects

Yaaaa- HOOOOOO!!! Today was my LAST DAY Of class.... I am almost, officially finished with the semester. I must say "almost" because I have two weeks to finish an online class; but today was my last day to sit in class! :-) The Lord is so good - I am glad to have another semester behind me yet sad because... the friends I have made through my classes have grown so sweet to my heart that seeing this season end is bittersweet. *sniff!*

Summer, Let's begin! As my previous post stated, my summer is looking like a blank canvas; anything could happen. Here are some things that have been tumbling into my brain to fill this canvas besides sailing, of course! Here are some of my ideas:

Remodel my dining room! I have been in this house two years and have worked on several of the other rooms - the bathroom, my bedroom, and the front living room... (it only has three bedrooms and one bath, so that is about half of the house!). I have a vision for my dining room. Here is what it looks like now:

Note the not-so-lovely wall paper behind the flowers. I want to strip the wall paper and paint the walls ... a light yellow. Another part of my "vision" for my dining room is to take down this ugly door frame... open up my kitchen/dining rooms. So... those are some "before" shots. My goal is to have this project finished by June! The door frame removal will be a challenge... but I am up for challenges and I hope to enlist some help. Some day... the KITCHEN will be transformed as well, I hope.

Stay Tuned....


Liza said…
Hey! It was good to see you today and I'm glad to find your blog.

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