Wide Open

Ready or Not... Here it comes! 
 My summer is looking... kind of vague.  I have a few things planned: family visits, a summer class in July, housesitting in NC, more sailing... but this summer is going to miss a few things - like a few key friends who make it more fun.  I am sure I will find plenty of fun this summer, God always gives me something to delight in if I keep my eyes open and focused on Him.  Yet, right now... i am a little dampened in my spirit... Over the last year or so... I have had to say "good-bye" to friends who grew close to my heart.. and now it is time to do it again.  Ouch.  They go on, I am happy to see them being led by His Faithful Hand.. and I am happy I have had the chance to expand my heart, even if it hurts.

So, this summer will be a surprise I am sure... I am wide Open Lord.... I ask for YOUR blessings.  I pray for a few friends to join me on the sailboat... some to go to the beach with... ice cream stops.... house project partners... road trip travelers... and Heaven Dreamers to help me stay focused and full!


Stephanie said…
Now you understand my bereft state when you left FL! I miss you terribly... maybe you have room for 3 boys and a mom for a few days this summer???
Tammie said…
YOU know it Stephanie!!! I have lots of room! Please come!!

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