Eh-hum. I am bored. I have no super spiritual insights, no funny stories, no pictures to post: Just plain boredom here.

I have studied a few hours this morning... my mind was good and focused, now it is just tired of studying. Plus, I am missing the other half of my review sheet...

I have cleaned and picked up...

I have eaten lunch already (it's not even 12 noon yet). I try not to munch too much while I am at work... the place I work have LOTS of yummy munchies... they are sweet and generous but if I am not careful.....

I have played spider solitaire... a few times; I use to be good at the game but of the three times I started playing it this morning... I quite before "winning." Pathetic.

I AM looking forward to finishing my class this week, as then I will be able to delve into some fun reading of my choice. Here are a few books I have in mind:

The Shack
The Normal Christian Life (again, slower this time)
Crazy Love

Any other recommendations anyone? Some light reading would be welcomed...

Tap-tap-tap... my fingers are trying to type but nothing is coming to my mind... so, I guess that is all. Woah... I hope this is NOT what the summer holds... ewww... I am looking forward to making fresh salsa with all the wonderful summer veggies... i had some yesterday and today that someone else made and my mouth is watering just thinking about making my own.

So long for now.


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