NC Retreat

It's a lovely rainy NC morning... yes, I love NC. I am housesitting for some of my favorite peeps... and though it may be a service to them, it is a blessing to me! Their little house is so cute - I have to confess I just about covet over it... seriously, I would so like to have it as my own! The yard and view and set up of the place suits me perfectly... but more than the aesthetics of the place... God's Spirit is here... the relationship and love my friends share with the Lord bring such a spillage of HIS PRESENCE here.... and I get to rest in it for 48 hours. Not that HE doesn't bless me and where I live... sometimes it is simply a re-locating for a few days that helps you hear from Him and pull closer to Him and forget the usual things that distract. So, I am enjoying a personal retreat this weekend... and God has greeted me with raindrops this morning... i love it. Thank You Lord.


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