Random Mental Meanderings

It's way too early.  Can't go back to sleep.  Kitty discovered I was awake so she thought it would be good to have some food in her bowl: i complied.  How can you resist this love muffin?
I have no spiritual thoughts right now, well, I am praying about some things.

It is very quiet, still, the fan is circulating cool air, the neighborhood is asleep, you can feel Heaven's breezes...   Things are not so foggy, the Whisper in my heart and head is easier to recognize.

I am heading to a retreat this weekend.  God opened the opportunity for me to go, I am looking forward to what He wants to give, maybe this early hour is to prepare me to receive.  I am also looking forward to some sand and surf between my toes, a sunrise... on Myrtle Beach.

Anyhow, early thoughts... my alarm goes off in an hour.  If I actually make my bed, my room will look like this when i leave...  I miss my bed when i go away.  I love my bed.  Bye bed... see you Sunday.


Melanie said…
You must be back home by now!! Back to your lovely bed! :D

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