Just Like Kids

My furkids amuse me.  Whoever thinks animals don't have a personality, come over to my house for a day or so and I can prove you wrong.  Or rather, my Baby Kitty will prove you wrong.

Sasha could too, though I am still learning her personality.  She is a dog,  a bit less complex than Baby-Kitty but still something I am discovering.  She is happy about everything, except maybe taking a bath under the hose or  ...being alone, but who likes that all the time?

Take for instance... the rare occasion I allow her to sleep inside, in my room, on the floor.  Not sure why, but i guess i start feeling a little sympathetic as we may have not gone on any walks or tossed any balls in a few days.  I start feeling I am neglecting my poor child.

So,  I let her in.  She thinks she's died and gone to heaven.

She cracked me up this week as she received the high honor one night.  I spread a towel on the floor as I don't necessarily enjoy having evidence of a black smelly dog, inside.  She has learned that this is definitely a privilege, so she puts on her best behavior, staying on the towel.

The funny thing comes in the morning as i distinctly know there is movement in my room, confirmed when I hear her tags jingle.  Time to put her outside... even if it is 5AM.

As soon as I move, barely down off of my bed... she quickly finds her submissive, docile, darling place on the towel and looks at me as if to say, "I wasn't up! I won't move! I don't want to go outside yet....Mom, please!"

She did this about three times, each time looking at me with those brown eyes, beggin' to stay inside just a few more minutes.  She looks just like a kid.... and even though it was 5:30AM, she had me laughing.  Finally, to her regret, i gently tugged on her collar to move her towards the back door.

Not a hint of a grudge is upon her, with a tail wagging, smiling big, and off we go to the her favorite playground of the 100 acre woods.

This would be that happy dog:

Kitty of course can't be left out... she begins reminding me that her dish is empty, her water isn't fresh, preferring drops of water in the tub (of course that means i have to turn on the shower for half a second) ... the rest of the day she totes a 'tude, as if to remind me she is mad that the mutt outside got to come in for the night.  Guess who got a swat on her behind?


wheatgerm said…
good luck with the dogs
Sara G said…
Aren't they great! Animals definitely have personality and can be a huge difference between them. We have two cats and they are so funny together but sometimes they need a timeout just as kids.

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