Meet Tigger

Isn't that fun!! I am crack'in myself up and I haven't even gotten out of bed yet... well, i did get out of bed to get some coffee brew'in but i crawled back in as i wait...

In my journey of life, one of the things we learn along the way is to know ourselves. The more we know about ourselves, and allow others to know too, the more healthy we are - some wise man said one time, "Know Thyself" - that has to be wise because he used "thy" instead of something like "Know Yourself"... gotta be smart.

Anyhow... I love Winnie the Pooh - i have often thought if I ever had a baby, I would use the classic pooh stuff to do my baby room. When I was a kid, I had a worn out bean-bag "Pooh" that I loved. As an adult I have learned more about the Winnie the Pooh characters: they exemplify four distinct temperaments. Each of us carry one of these temperaments stronger than the others - most of us have a combination of these so it is not accurate to say, "I am a complete sanguine!"

I am a combination of sanguine and melancholy - more or less. When I am doing well, firing on all cylinders, I am very much a "Tigger"... when I get a little off balance or low on something ... or I just need to "fuel up" - time alone, to quietly process and ponder life - I can pull into a melancholic temperament. It's not bad to be that way, but if I don't watch myself carefully, those episodes can become dark and dreary.

One of the not-so-great things about being a "Tigger" is we do exactly what he does in this cartoon clip to folks. We forget that they may be scared, caught off guard, or not exactly "with" us in our energy and we plow right over them. I am learning to soften up my energy explosions... cause this really doesn't help build a safe environment to build quality relationships.

BUT, it is so very fun when one "tigger" meets another "tigger"... we can bounce around for a long time and enjoy anything together. I have at least one friend like that... and he is one of my favorite peeps.

God made us so uniquely; not one of us can truly "fit" tightly into these prescribed molds but it does help to understand ourselves and others. With understanding, grace towards ourselves and others grows.

Anyhow, my coffee is brewed... AND IT IS DUNK'IN DONUT COFFEE!!! I have FRESH Blueberries to pop in my mouth, and beautiful sunshine to soak up on this Saturday.... the woods are calling, maybe a stop by Home Depot to buy some flowers... my bathroom to clean... Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun!!



Billy said…
But the most wonderful thing about Tigger is I'm the only one!
Tammie said…
Ha! Ha! Ha!! I believe you are 100% Tigger!
Shelby said…
So funny Tammie - not only are we "birthday buddies" but buddies in the temperament department as well. It is a strange combination to be us!! Love you!!

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