New Blog Layout!

Isn't it fantastic? Blogger finally added some wonderful features to help us blogging folks look a bit like we know what we are doing... well, i for one, am pretty simple in my knowledge about fixing a blog up but i do enjoy messing around with it, making it look like "me." So, they (who is "they?" the folks behind the blogspot machine) have changed some things with the set up and design and created it so it is easy to make it more unique and beautiful! I love it!

So, what do you think? Do you like my new Spring look....? Fresh huh... Anyhow, i am pleased.

Have a fantastic weekend ya'll!


Melanie said…
I couldn't find the blogger tools you are talking about! :) I found mine on a website...very easy! :)

Hope you have a fabulous Resurrection Sunday!!! Blessings to the fam!

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