Keepin' It Real

Waiting for the coffee to brew. I opened up a "New Post" window a few minutes ago, wanting to post about the amazing reflections from finishing Watchman Nee's book, "The Normal Christian Life" but the ground is still trembling in my heart. God has profoundly used this book to meet me - Specifically, personally, powerfully. The words of reflection haven't completely formed. For right now, the phrase, "Jesus Only Jesus" comes to mind.

The conclusion of the book met me with something I had been somewhat wrestling with just in the last few days. Seriously, I love how intimate God is. His words circled around one of my very favorite Bible stories... the Alabaster Box; pouring out our best on the Lord. Wasting ourselves on Him. That is where true satisfaction comes from. Time to quote....

Have our eyes been open to see the preciousness of the one whom we are serving? Have we come to see that nothing less than the dearest, the costliest, the most precious, is fit for Him? Have we recognized that working for the poor, working for the benefit of the world, working for the souls of men and for the eternal good of the sinner--all these so necessary and valuable things--are right only if they are in their right place? In themselves, as things apart, they are as nothing compared with work that is done to the Lord.
The Lord has to open our eyes to His Worth (Please LORD!).... The idea of waste only comes into our Christianity when we underestimate the worth of our Lord. The whole question is:How precious is he to us now?

Words in parathesis are mine - i am going to "waste" some Time with Him now....


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