Facebook Relapse

It is the start of a new week and I just feel like blogging. I figured I needed to confess that I had a relapse yesterday; i guess I can more easily sympathize with those who are addicted to something now... it is hard to give up something you like!! It's been about 7 weeks or more since I took my "facebook fast" commitment and during those weeks I have only gotten on twice - I still receive emails regarding some of the posts and comments and notes I receive through my FB account, I respond to ones that are important and need an immediate reply through email or a phone call. Makes you think... if we really want to connect, those are avenues that put you voice to voice or make it more personal. FB is great; I miss the networking and updates from family and friends but living without it hasn't been too hard... except when I get an itching to be nosey and look at pictures or see what in the world is going on with folks i love and enjoy. I didn't share this thought to start a debate over the pros and cons of FB... so I will stop there, and hope you are enjoying FB as I wait 8 more weeks to get in the network again!

Last week was fabulous. I seriously felt like I was going 90 to nothing - it was suppose to be my spring break but God had some surprises for me. I was in NC for 5 nights, got to earn some extra money that is most definitely a blessing, I got to see sweet, dear friends; a serious blessing! I returned home to some extra money making opportunities and even squeezed in a few house projects - I finally put window film on my bathroom window - something I have had on my "list" since I moved into my little house! I love it! Previously, the window - which is IN THE SHOWER - had a lovely out of date mini-blind blocking public exposure; I wanted more natural light in my bathroom and less mold/mildew potential in my shower so a window film was in order. It was extremely easy to apply to the window, it properly protects from exposure AND lets beautiful light come in! Fantastic! I also planted some flowers in some pots, washed my car and my dog, started de-cluttering my utility room and got some homework done!! Now, I would say that is productivity! Thank You Lord! :-)

Now, back to the normal schedule.... all is good. I still have a few items on my "to-do" list on my fridge, but all in good time. Have a wonderful week my friends!


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