Golden List: Repeat Topic

This should be repeated a LOT. Today, I need to tell my soul to look up. So, for those who aren't familiar with a "golden List" it comes from the book called "The Ultimate Gift" but follows after an older command; that of being thankful!! The Golden List is a practice of thinking of at least TEN things that you are thankful for EVERYDAY... preferrably BEFORE rolling out of bed. Well, I didn't exactly think of doing this at 5:27AM this morning, it was more like... "oh I hope i have another hour to sleep..." Nope. 3 minutes until my alarm would go off... my day started.

So... it is a little late in the day, but I need to do this. If you want to join me, add at least ONE thing You are thankful for in the comments section.

1. Good health
2. A quiet moment to reflect
3. A break from school
4. A road trip this weekend!!
5. Time with sweet friends this weekend!!
6. my skin looks good today... (okay, random, but I like it when my skin looks bright and fresh, no rudiness)
7. my job
8. Lots of fun things happening in the next 10 days... starting today!
9. my happy dog (you should see how happy she is when i throw a ball w/ her... it's like she is thinking, "This is the BEST DAY EVER!" when I take the time to toss her a few throws! It always makes me smile.)
10. Good friends

Okay... Your turn. :-) I want to hear from you... ESPECIALLY if you have NEVER posted a comment before... i promise, it doesn't hurt and it WILL make my day! AND I am THANKFUL for that!


Sarah Jones said…
God's grace and love couldn't survive a day w/o it :)
Stephanie said…
Smelly boys, toothless grins, and the feel of baby hair against your cheek...
Good Southern Gospel Music, a cup of coffee with friends, big hugs, a house full of siblings, and a Spirit filled Church Service!
-Joseph Cook
Susan said…
The power and grace of Christ to change a heart, making a new friend who is as sweet as you!
Tammie said…
Oh, You guys are great! Thank you for leaving Comments... could that last one be from the Stanley household? referring to Stacy?? Isn't she GREAT!!! I can't wait to connect w/ her on FB... You think I should go stay w/ her in her CAC so she doesn't have to live by herself?

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