Home Again, Home Again

My dad always says that after a long trip and it was always a comfort to see our vehicle safely pull into the driveway of our house. I heard myself saying those very words last night as I turned the corner at the head of my block, when I could finally see my house, "Home again, home again." I was very glad to see my little house!

I have been in NC for the previous five nights; what was originally a three night weekend was extended when an opportunity dropped into my lap to make some good money and use my well learned painting skills. Again, thanks goes to my wonderful dad who taught me and my brothers how to work. "A good painter always carries a rag..." kept ringing in my head as well... another of my dad's infamous quotes. That piece of advice went a long way as I painted my arms off the last two days.

I marvel at how the pieces came together in the last few days. God has been helping me release my tendency to control - I really did not see myself as a "controller" but through some good reading in the last few months, God has been opening my eyes to the see the nature of controlling within me. I have joked about being controlling and in certain ways I knew I was, but i did not realize how much of a controller I was until reading about giving up control, trying to "change" those around me so that I would feel better! What a release to realize the things OUTSIDE of myself, people, situations, etc., really are not my responsibility; even things within ME are not within my control but under God's control. The truth of the death of Christ on the cross is real in me; "I am crucified with Christ..." has become so alive to me and is bringing me HIS life in new ways. Grace, beautiful grace.

So, all this contributed to the last few days, I literally had to sit down and take it in yesterday before heading home. He is providing, He is working, He is moving and I am enjoying the ride.

And... I enjoyed my bed last night... Home again, home again. I love it.


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