New Camera

I have been blessed with a new Camera!! :-) I am so excited over it... "i can't stop smilin'".... so, here are some random shots with my new toy:
My dad and I scrubbed those railings and he painted them
... it is a tougher job than it sounds. 

Myrtles are EVERYWHERE around here; I can't give over how long they stay bloomed.
You can see almost every variety of color in my neighborhood:
white, pink, purple... it really is beautiful.
These two are just over my back fence.  

Evidence that my dad has been here for a few days...
 the yard is SO beautiful after a few long days of work.  

This would be Sasha's favorite toy.

My favorite place: the Farmer's Market.
That would be Nancy,
Tom's wife - what a joy to work with such fine folks.

This is a beautiful sight; it is also where I get my

One of the sweetest, hard-working women I know....makes
me want to work on learning some spanish...
 our conversations are full of smiles, and one or two words.  Someday....

My beautiful Mom!! 

My wonderful, hard-working, and very loving dad.  


Billy said…
Hey these are great pictures of people and food and stuff. I think you may have a secret talent there. ...and so nicely arranged... you're an arteest!

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