Good Morning Lord!

Another beautiful was such a blessing to me this morning to wake with a full heart and soul. My schedule lately and my accommedations have brought me growing opportunities. I praise HIM for His grace; sleeping on an air mattress is better than a hard floor but when a beautiful comfortable royal bed is offered instead of an air mattress, that is MOVING UP! (Literally!) My dear friend who is generously allowing me to camp out on her living room floor is gone for a few days - which is a bummer as i enjoy her company - but in her absense i get to sleep in her bed! It is amazing how a good mattress heeds a good nights rest! Rest DOES come from the LORD - and i love it when he gives it to me with a sweet bed! :-)

ALSO, i was able to spend some quality time in the Word last night...HOw wonderful to go to sleep with the Word marinating your heart. That is the perfect recipe for a good nights rest.


Courtney said…
i didn't get a chance to do a whole lot of reading, but i really like the look and feel of your blog. i haven't really kept mine up too well as of lately.
thanks for stopping by tho! it's always awesome to meet others, even through other blogs such as 268.
i'll be visiting your blog more often in the future!
:..Rebekah..: said…
It's so true. Going to bed with the Word marinating your heart, as you put it (which is a beautiful way to put it, by the way) is the best way to go to bed, and a wonderful way to have a good nights sleep.
God is real, God is here, Tammie:) I woke up this morning and wanted to see whats happened since last night on facebook (now that I admit it, it sounds silly for a first thought...but it wasn't, thankfully:)
I went to bed last night thanking God and woke up with strong words for a google search, "a beautiful morning with...God!". So I searched, but what I assumed to be what I was looking for turned out to be something I might have to pay for (literally). And then I thought, "..but wait, the good Lord gives the most amazing things for free!!" Modified my search to 'a beautiful morning with the Lord', and I thank God I found your blog. Its just the way I feel right now, and it strengthens my spirit to read your words. God keep his own world over throughout this troubling generation of ours. Peace!

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