Some Evening Thoughts

I have been in a bubble a long time. Ever hear that expression? I have been in a bubble of conservative, christian thinking most of my life. I see it as a blessing - I have grown up under godly parents who taught me the Scriptures and walked a lifestyle of loving and serving God. As i grew up i took this for granted. I did attend a public school and i heard kids shamelessly spout off things that i would not even whisper in my house. Purity is a good, BEAUTIFUL and precious thing.

I have been working in a secular realm over the past several months. It is a rude awakening. It is painful. It breaks my heart. Then i think, this breaks GOD's heart. As i have been teaching in the public schools, i am realizing more and more the darkness of our society. Sure, there are some very good ambitions out there: save the earth - but at the cost of demeaning the value of human life? Relay for Life - fight cancer - but what about the cancer of the soul? It tears me up. But, people don't want to hear that they are sick inside. Denial, tolerance, be good to yourself....these are the messages so prevalent today. The message isn't new, but it is suttle.

Tonight, I opened my Bible to seek His Face. My heart is troubled, grieved. How can i make a difference? I am not a lawyer, i get tongue-tied and then it gets personal and i get too upset....O Lord, Give me the mind and attitude of Christ. I turned to Romans....chapter one. I notice something...."For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to Him...."

Does it start with Thankfulness? Thankfulness is commanded many times in God's Word. I think I have gained a little more understanding of how very important giving THANKS my Creator. He deserves all the Glory and Praise and Honor. Thanks is essential to having a sound mind. How desparetely i have been asking for wisdom, for gentleness, for grace....He asks me for Thanks. Oh Lord! I give you Thanks!


Sometimes we are so securely in our bubble that we are no good to those that are hurting. It is uncomfortable..but Jesus spent more time with those people than the church. T can truly relate to what you are going through.
:..Rebekah..: said…
Wonderful and beautiful post!!! Thank you for this....I needed to hear it.

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