Summer is coming! Summer in Florida is HOT - Summer in South Carolina is HOT too! But, Summer means travel, vacation, lemonade, a more relaxed schedule...well, for most of us! I will be moving...hopefully by the end of June I will be unpacking in a new place....i am dreaming of a place with a yard, wood floors, lots of windows and room enough to entertain!

My students are ready for summer too - and i love the bittersweet goodbyes. All of a sudden, they come by your room, shuffle their feet in a quiet manner and shyly thank you for being their teacher....and then that wonderful light you KNOW was in them shines out, and i say YES! I see it! There is something VERY special about each one....something precious and worth waking up at 5 a.m., sweating over lesson plans and teaching from a full heart....YES, my students are worth it!

Summer brings a new season...for me a new turn. I look forward with anticipation, and today i enjoy wonderful peace in my heart. I feel full. And i anticipate MORE from the Lord. this attitude and mind set...i believe it is time for a NEW color...a color for Summer!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new look!!
Hooper said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying "hello"! Elise got me going on my blog - I scoffed for a year and a half, and then decided to join her!

I see you're an educator! My father will be 80 in October, and still substitute teaches on the high school level. I think he'd be lost without his students!

May God bless you with your move and a summer with a new schedule!
Mike said…
It's been funny watching the revival on GodTV and seeing everyone wiping the sweat off! It's barely 20 degrees here and wet. But we always live in hope :)

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