Final Friday

Wow! These last nine weeks of school have FLOWN! What a wonderful blessing it has been to be in this school, teaching history and Bible, getting to know my students and being surprised by the delight of it all! If you will look back at my first blog on this "challenge" i was pretty frightened of the unknowns...but thanks to lots of prayer and God's blessing, it has turned out to be one of the BEST teaching experiences i have ever had - How i praise the Lord!

I believe this is part of a healing time for me too. I have been teaching in some capacity for the last ten years or so, and to be honest, it has been hard! I know teaching is in my blood, but i would come home feeling so defeated, and unhappy. I remember thinking more than once, "this is just not for me!" This was just one of the dark battles i had fighting within me. Why could i not enjoy my work and walk in more happiness? Where was that fruit of the spirit? Was this a lesson on longsuffering? I wrestled and wreslted over this. What a miserable person i felt i was and portrayed - not pretty!!

As i have afore mentioned, i am pursuing a call i feel God has put on my life...a big part of this involves ministering to people, washing their feet per se, with His Word and water of the Holy Spirit...but in the process of being a minister of LIFE, i have walked through some dry, dark areas; places that made me desperate for His Healing touch, His Truth and His Filling. As Paul says, i am not "there" yet...not perfect, but i rejoice over the GOOD things HE IS DOING in me - bringing healing, wholeness...and yes, Happiness! How wonderful that God heals us to make us a better person, and to bring richness into our lives so we can pour His healing and LIFE into others!


Happy all has gone so well..excited for what is ahead!!
Mike said…
Wonderfully encouraging! It's great how brings us through challenge and pain. Glory to Him.
:..Rebekah..: said…
Oh, what a blessing to read this! God is so faithful, isn't he? Thank you for sharing.

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