When one part of the Body weeps, we all weep

My heart and prayers go to the Chapman family. Little Maria - though I am not a personal friend of the family - are brothers and sisters in Christ...and my heart is broken over this tragedy. She is with Jesus - laughing, washing dishes and dancing with Him...how we grieve her passing and i know the tears and hearts are deeply grieving in the Chapman home - We all love you and hold you tightly in our hearts as you are washed with grief.


My heart has gone out to the driver.. I cannot imagine the pain. There is hurt on so many levels.
Good morning, Tammie - thanks for always having such beautiful posts...I stop by often.

I also grieve for this beautiful family and I agree the driver needs such prayer.

We just do not understand why - but one day we will see face face......
:..Rebekah..: said…
I read about this the other day, and I am so sad for this sweet family.

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