I love Fridays!!!

The week has been a WEEK! Good mostly, some struggles within, but victories overall! Love my students more - I am so thankful God has blessed me with a joy in my heart over my students and my classes. What a difference it makes.

Another thing i am very thankful for - and noticing VERY much - God's Grace over my sleeping arrangements. For those who know me know i am pretty protective over my bedtime and sleep time. FOR YEARS - especially when i am teaching - i have kept a strict bedtime for myself and if that time gets threatened, i have feelings of panic!! So, i was a little concerned when i knew i would be living like a nomad and sleeping in different places. I love my BED. BUT, wow, God has totally covered me w/ grace - and i find i am not even worried about my bedtime, i feel so relaxed; THIS IS A SERIOUS INTERVENTION FROM THE LORD! I love it!

Going home for the weekend is a wonderful way to truly step away from your work week. Seriously, Friday's present me with the anticipation of driving home...after been gone for five nights, and finding a refuge, a retreat, and rest in my own bed. It really is a great way to work! At least it is a blessing for me right now!


I KNOW of your need for a scheduled bedtime ~ I remember getting severely threatened at LDM. LOL
:..Rebekah..: said…
How awesome to have that to look forward to on the weekends. My home feels the same for me...a refuge and a retreat from the world. What a blessing!
Hope you are having a fabulous week!

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